Sruthy Syam

Managing Director & CTO

  • Graduated Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Technology from Holy Grace Academy of Engineering, Mala, 2016
  • Worked as Full stack developer for 4 years
  • Started Freelancing projects in 2019
  • Successfully Cooperated with Jismaria in developing my freelance career and building a dev team.
  • Co-Founded logWon in 2022 for scaling our journey.
  • Next milestones:
  • Guiding my developer team with my knowledge and experience as well as learning from them to improve my skills. I believe Software development is a continuous learning process throughout the entire career.
  • I am aware that being Managing Director of a company is a huge step and a responsibility since each area of the company will require my overview and decisions. I am looking forward to meeting new talents and potential leaders for logWon. I believe in transparency, clarity and overdelivering value to our clients and partners.

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