Remote Staffing solutions

Our staff working for your company’s assignments (IT and customer care)

  • Qualified and experienced
  • Well-paid Professionals with motivation to advance in their careers
  • Thus, still Cost effective for your company
  • Flexible: Fulltime or Parttime

  • Pre-selection of suitable candidates

    We select candidates from our pool of existing staffs and applicants, with matching profile &/ tech stack for your requirement.

  • Interview Process

    If they are interested to work on your project, we will share their profile with their permission. Selected candidates could go through your interview process.

  • Sample work

    You may provide the candidate a sample assignment up to 3 working days. So, you can assess their skill and experience level.

  • Decision and conclusion of contract

    Once you decide to work with a candidate, your company signs a service agreement with us. We will handle the payroll and employment contract with our staff as per Indian employment law.

  • Providing work and start

    We make sure that our staff is equipped with the required Hardware. Communication and Project management platforms and logins could be provided by you or us, such as Slack, Skype, Zoom, Teams, Asana, Jira, GitHub etc.

  • Working hours Documentation

    If your company already has an employee hour tracking system, we expect you to share this report monthly. Otherwise, we will conduct this directly with our staff and share it with you.

  • Quality check

    Your company will be 100% responsible for project management and quality assurance. We expect you to let us know in case of any complaints or improvement suggestions immediately or latest by the end of a month. We could then talk about possible solutions.p>